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Recycled Glass and Commercial Building Facade

A building facade can be used to characterise the face of a building within any city or town. Why not purchase yours from the 2006 Grand Designs Magazine Awards finalist, The Greenhouse Effect Ltd.

Used as a transitional entity to separate the inside of a building from the outside environment, each urban space can be defined by a facade. One of The Greenhouse Effect’s most popular products is recycled glass building facade.

Facades can also provide scale to the area surrounding them. The Greenhouse Effect can offer structuran glass as the perfect sustainable solution for each required facade.

Structuran Glass Facades

Structuran glass provides the perfect sustainable solution for a building facade. This facade building material is formed from recycled float glass. It is fired at a very high temperature in bio gas ovens and then infused with a pigment to produce a very unique look. As no harmful resins are used in its manufacture the product is both environmentally sound and fully sustainable due to its composition from recycled glass.

The properties of this recycled glass product both induce and reflect light, thus enabling a multi faceted colour changing facade on the front of your business, at a more reasonable price than Onyx, its nearest competitor. Therefore it fits into both the natural stone and glass market, increasing the marketability of this already highly dynamic product. Sustainable for many years, Structuran 100% recycled glass has extremely durable qualities, coupled with inherent natural beauty; which provides clients with tremendous potential, as the versatility of the product in terms of colour and texture alone, add to its already sizeable qualities. For the purposes of most facade applications a 20mm thickness provides the requisite strength and recently panels of 2M x 1.1M sizes at 100M height are approved within the EU. (For more information please download the trade and pricing guide).

The Building Facade Specialists

When examining out-dated facades or considering new building construction plans, the building’s use, historical value, and aesthetic impact must be contemplated. Any existing building facade can be extended, renovated, transformed or completely rebuilt from scratch. Any new construction must be suitably designed to be incorporated with the existing structures.

Building homes can also make use of facades. Please use our online facade search facility to query the product database and find the style and character of facade that you require for your building design. We regard our company as one of the premier suppliers in facade and building construction, please do contact us for further information and a discussion on how we may can meet your requirements.

When manufacturing and building facades for your building project or home design, unless you have otherwise previously specified, we will contact you to discuss your facade size requirements. These will then be specially crafted using our professional expertise.

Contacting Us and Further Information

Please take the time to email us at info@greenhouseeffect.co.uk to enquire about pricing for any building facade that we offer in our range. If you are in need of creative inspiration, regarding facades for any building, please select any one of the building links or facade links available on our Links page. Alternatively, you can view example building facade architecture on our gallery page.

   Example of Structuran recycled glass facades
Recycled Glass Facade photographs can be seen below:
Example of recycled glass facades Example of Structuran recycled glass facades Example of recycled glass facades
Example of recycled glass facades Example of Structuran recycled glass facades Example of recycled glass facades Example of Structuran recycled glass facades
Example of Structuran recycled glass facades Example of recycled glass facades Example of Structuran recycled glass facades



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