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Structuran and Decoran (for interiors) Glass Ceramic is a new generation of 100% recycled glass material which has the combined characteristics of glass and natural stone yet a new sustainable material from glass that negates the need for a resin bond. It offers either natural stone’s opacity, levels of translucency or even transparency. We offer a variety of surface finishes and colours but all are based on and cut down from a sheet size of 2.7M x 1.25M x20mm. Applications are wide from façade rain screens to kitchen surfaces and we show broad and detailed examples below. The glass ceramic is not toughened and as such can be cut by waterjet or rotary saw after forming; please ask us about your particular applications as we are consulting designers and are the agents for Structuran in the UK & Eire, backed up by our sole distributors, Float Glass Industries Ltd. See example slides and choose the sub page afterwards.

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 We stock lots of contemporary furniture made to particular designs. If you would rather a
 design of your own creation we can have it hand-made to your specification at no extra cost.
 please contact us on (01323) 871399 or via e-mail for more details.

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